Wildlife Camera Secures CCTV Role

Timelapse cameraA Low Cost and Highly Effective Security Camera

Generally, we have little time to plan or react to Security Incidents - But, ask yourself this question - "if you could detect an incident and deploy a high quality, discrete, battery powered Motion activated infra red camera all within the space of minutes - Would you be more inclined to react?

That is exactly what you can do. With the latest technology in Trail Cameras or Hunting Cameras as they are also known, you can locate one of these cameras on a fence, in a bush, on a wall or many other places with the reassurance that it will capture images and or video of the perpetrator the moment they strike again.

Using the latest technology in Infra Red LEDs, which do not emit a glow beyond 1 few feet away, you can easily record images and video with time and date stamps. The images and videos from the trail cameras are allowed in court - assuming you follow good practice as you would with a fixed CCTV system. All is safely recorded onto an SD card for later viewing.

A Trail Camera should be part of the tool box for any company or Security Professional as a reactive quick reaction CCTV camera.

You may think that this is a little unusual, but officials at various organisations and authorities around the country are purchasing these in a response to growing crime.

The trail camera can be deployed in minutes and will not require attention for as long as its batteries last, which could be months. And to make the prospect even more interesting one of the trail camera models has an insert for a SIM card, allowing for the images to be sent via text message to your mobile phone or as an email, it will even send a text to you when the battery is low.

So where can these trail cameras be used, Scott from UK Inspection Camera Says:

"There are a variety of applications where we have proved the value of a Trail Camera outside of the wildlife uses. Local Authorities will find value in the monitoring of Fly Tipping and even Vandalism, but also Farmers who have a huge area to protect - they suffer from a variety of crimes in their land. A Trail Camera is now the obvious and most cost effective solution for them. I can think of many of our customers using them for Tack theft in Equestrian centres, diesel theft in Haulage yards and many more locations"

Higher end trail cameras can cost upward of £300, but we can offer a 12 megapixel trail camera from £189, making them an affordable alternative to surveillance systems that can cost thousands of pounds and take time to install.

Scott Continues "It is becoming very popular, for customers to call us asking for ideas and advice in using them for Security - think it is a very effective way to use off-the-shelf technology to protect you own property. Our Trail Cameras are infrared, so they will take pictures in almost complete darkness, and (the perpetrator) will never know."

If you would like to buy a 12 Mega Pixel Trail Camera for Security Use - please see 12 Mega Pixel Remote Security Camera

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